Oaks Goldsbrough Apartments

Before buying a place it's important to do as much research as possible. This is especially important for me as I am totally new to Australia. To learn as much as possible, one strategy is to really live in different places from time to time in target areas to learn everything about the target areas and their neighbourhood (in addition to inspecting properties everywhere where possible whenever you have time of course).

The photos here shows one of the places I've stayed -- Oaks Goldsbrough Apartments in Darling Habour. I likes its
  • location, with a walkway connection that allows you to walk directly to the Convention station;
  • tall ceiling -- much breathable compared to units in Taiwan;
  • furnished w/ everything needed -- laundry, full kitchen; and there's heated pool and gym at 1F;
  • not expensive (consider it's close to Sydney CBD) at <$500 a week rent and selling at ~$300K.

There are several things I don't like though, such as:
  • poor "view" -- especially in my unit where windows either face  the interior building corridors or a narrow firebreak alley -- little privacy;
  • poor noise insulation -- (newer) buildings in Taiwan are doing much better at this

So I'll continue to do my research and inspect / live in different places. Maybe I'll end up signing up for a buyer's agent when I really want to buy a home, but it's still good to know as much as possible.

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