Breakfast Point

Friend recommended Breakfast Point that is the suburb he likes best in Sydney. Saw one apartment there with front yard adjoining the tranquil waterfront greens. Very tempting 

My strategy is to visit one suburb at a time on Saturdays and see a dozen open inspections at once. I'll then get a feel on how I like the suburb, and afterwards can delve deeper on the one or two suburbs I like the best, hopefully finding a really nice place to buy/rent.

One other good thing about visiting nice homes is in checking out good home decor ideas. For example, I saw this "mirror" which is actually a special frame with electronically-toggleable screen put around a TV -- functional and aesthetically appealing 


House Package

A very nice house like this costs ~$350K to build in Sydney (and then ~$400K for this particular land lot), which seems pretty affordable given the high median income in Australia.

Noticed several nice things in the design homes such as:
1. kitchen with builtin LCD screen and coffee maker, and glass cupboard in center island
2. separate media room for TV&consoles
3. fancy movable drawers in kitchen pantry
4. dual basins in toilets
5. outdoor living is under cover (weatherproof)
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